Business E-mail and Grammar

| Saturday, March 27, 2010

E-mail is simply communicating with the written word. We are not born with these skills or education. Our writing skills are provided to us as we go through grade school for the basics, high school for more instruction and on to college.
Take it from me — this is a perpetual effort. I learn new things about how to write and use the English language properly on a regular basis. Site visitors e-mail me pointing out my errors with some being more kind than others. But regardless, I learn and apply and am always open to continuing that journey.
Proper grammar is so important to being understood, to providing a positive impression and to helping you excel so you are perceived as professional educated and credible communicator. Someone potential customers trust and want to do business with!

“Bad grammar is like bad breath, just because no one says anything doesn’t mean that no one noticed”
-Jane Watson
Here is a service I typed about before that I wanted to remind you about. This neat little service offers daily grammar tips @ lets talk This courtesy service is similar to my Weekly E-mail Etiquette Tips in that once you sign up, the gems of information will be delivered to your inbox. It doesn’t get any easier than that!
Sign up today and make a commitment to learn all you can so that you can be perceived as the polished communicator others will want to hire, work with, partner with and build long term business relationships with. Here’s to your success!


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