How to Improve Basic English Grammar

| Monday, March 29, 2010
Proper English grammar is the cornerstone of effective speaking and writing. Whether English is a second language or one is a native English speaker, we could all benefit from little exercises that improve our grammar and make us more effective communicators.

  1. Read well-written books. Now, we're not talking about comic books or even cookbooks. If in doubt, literary classics are always a good choice. Consult your local librarian or bookstore clerk in order to receive guidance. This will expose you to new words and proper English.

  2. Keep up with the news. News broadcasts via radio, television and even the Internet can help to train your ears to recognize proper grammar while you keep up with current events. Newspapers provide you with the opportunity to look for errors in grammar and assimilate how writers express their ideas.
  3. Look through well-written magazines. The majority of published writers have a pretty good handle on the fundamentals of good grammar. You'll be exposed to some good examples of basic English grammar and you might even learn something new. Look especially for publications that target an educated audience.

  4. Spend time with educated people. If you have articulate friends, acquaintances, or family members, then spend some time with them. Listen to what they say and how they say it. This isn't to imply that they will say everything perfectly, but spending time with them will sharpen your ear for proper grammar.

  5. Review reputable writing manuals and style guides. There are a number of books you can consult for this purpose. 
  6. Browse the Internet. Pull up your favorite search engine and type in the phrase "English grammar." While some of the sites you encounter may be of no use, you'll find a number of web sites that will be helpful to you.

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