How to Reduce an Accent

| Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speaking with an accent that others understand is important to non-native English speakers. Ensuring that your accent is reduced will take a little time and dedication but the rewards will be well worth your time.
Step 01 
Spend 30 minutes a day reading out loud. Choose a simple book to read. Take your time pronouncing the words in the book. Pay attention to the sounds of the letters as they come out of your mouth. If possible, enlist the help of a neighbor, friend, spouse, or child to help you correct words you may be saying incorrectly.
Step 2
Watch English TV and movies. Imitate words and phrases that you here while watching. Listen carefully to how the actors say words and imitate them as best as possible. When you can, use subtitles so that you are able to see how words are spelled and correct any words you are hearing wrong.
Step 3
Practice often. Make friends who speak English and have them listen to you speak. . Ask them to correct words that you say that are hard to understand. Request that these friends say words slowly that you are mispronouncing. Ask them to repeat these words until you are able to say them correctly.
Step 4
Over-enunciate your words. This is especially true for the endings of words. Make sure that your -ed's and -s's are well understood as you speak.

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