What do Interviewers Expect from you ???

| Wednesday, April 7, 2010

  • The Interviewers keep watch of the candidate right from the entry to the exit of the interview room.
  • They study the candidate’s Character, Intelligence, Smartness, Temperament, Alertness, Presence of Mind, Patience, Gentleness, Way of Thinking, Personality and Family background.
  • Candidate's Eagerness for learning things.
  • Consistent Academic Career.
  • They try to know whether candidates are concealing Facts. Truthful candidates are liked.
  • Power of expression and whether well balanced.
  • Want Dutiful, Obedient and and Softspoken candidate. Good health is also seen.
  • Whether ambitious through devotion to service.
  • Don’t like oversmartness of candidates.
  • They observe how far the candidates are dynamic and whether they have foresightedness.
  • Whether candidate becomes nervous and also has a Stable Mind.
  • Don’t like shy candidate. Observe whether candidate will be able to adjust themselves in different situations, seriousness of working.
  • Sense of cleaniness and habits.
  • Interviewer study whether the candidates have the capacity of catching the words and repying instantly.
  • Interviewer dislikes the candidates who are in the habit of irrelevant and unwanted talks.
  • They study attitude and aptitude.
  • General awareness of candidates.
  • Comfortable knowledge of the spoken Language.
  • Intelligence, Self-confidence, Overall appearance, Behavioural pattern, Ability to convince, Clarity of Expression.
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