Barriers in Speaking Fluent English

| Monday, October 25, 2010
Most of us are familiar with how people feel about appearances, but the manner in which you speak is also important. Even if you are dressed nicely, using poor grammar will show that you are wolf in sheep's clothing. You might look nice on the outside, but you're not so nice on the inside. To succeed, you must focus on your appearance as well as your manner of speaking.

Most people underestimate the importance of mastering English. Only having a basic knowledge of English will not open career doors. If you speak only an average level of English, people will think you're average. If you speak in a manner that is eloquent, this will create a powerful impression.

The first barrier you will need to overcome is the belief that Basic English is enough. When I say Basic English, I'm referring to the English that most Indians speak on a daily basis. While the English language is comprised of about 700,0000 words, the typical Indian only uses 10,000 in their day to day conversations. Most educated people who have earned a degree in college, or who read lots of books, will have a vocabulary that is closer to 50,000, twice the amount of the average Indian. These people are much more likely to land high paying jobs. To be successful, it must be your goal to learn 100,000 words or more.

Many people have a poor command of the English language because they don't read. I always laugh when I hear people say that they hate to read. These people don't realize that they are destroying their chances of being economically successful. Not only does reading allow you to build up your vocabulary, but it also allows you to become more informed, learning things about the world around you.
As I've said in previous articles, reading can increase your IQ. Watching television cannot do this, and some would even argue that it does the opposite. The first step in speaking English properly is to learn more words. START TODAY……………..

When you increase your vocabulary, you will impress people. Depending on who you impress, a number of doors can open, doors that would be closed to someone who uses a normal vocabulary level. People will see you as being someone with intelligence, and it will be obvious that you are also a person that is well informed.

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chirag said...

Yes I absolutely agree with you. It's not the case only with indian common men but also with some of the english trainers of india. The most important thing is to create awarness of the importance of speaking english in a right way.

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Lets Talk Institute Pvt Ltd said...

Hey , Chirag , perfectly said

Rachell Phillips said...

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Engvarta said...

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