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| Monday, December 6, 2010
My desktop TV - application
Desktop TV  is designed to build an enjoyable learning experience through sharable media rich Flash apps. Now watch training videos from comfort of you desktop/laptop, over a cup of coffee. This auto start application, updates regularly and notifies you of the new video uploaded by Let’s talk. Download application it’s free, in 3 easy steps.

Download Adobe Air Application
Step 01 - Install adobe air  (it’s free)
Download adobe air application from adobe website This application is  built for the Adobe® AIR® runtime and is convenient, powerful, and easy to install and use, Its free to download click the link .

Download Desktop TV
Step 02 - Download & install “ My desktop tv”
Download  and install adobe my desktop tv application Its free to download -  click the link

Step 03 - You are done.

Click on the “my desktop tv icon”. You can surf to watch the videos. Every new video uploaded you will get a notification right on your desktop.


Jackie O'Brien said...

Nice find! This will allow more people to watch corporate training videos more easily. My Boston video production company tries to make sure we optimize our videos to play easily on employee's desktops.

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